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The website, which is owned and run by Australia Hotel Booking, is covered by this privacy statement. On our website,, we may collect information from you that may include personal data. This privacy statement explains how we may use that data. It also explains your options on how we use your personal information and how to access and modify it.


Among the categories of personal information we gather are:

Data you give us about your marketing preferences or while taking part in surveys, competitions, or promotional offers; You always have the option of deciding how much personal information (if any) you want to give us. However, certain of your business dealings with us may be harmed if you decide not to disclose some information.


We also automatically track information from visitors to our website, some of which may be personal information. This information includes things like the user's Booking ID, browsing history, operating system, result (viewer or booker), result (viewer or booker), language preferences, IP address, location, device settings, device OS, log information, time of usage, URL requested, status report, and type of data viewed. Additionally, we might use cookies to automatically collect data. Click here for more information on how we use cookies.


Your personal information is used by us for the following reasons:

A. Online reservations: We use the personal information you provide to process and manage your online reservation.

B. Customer Support: We utilize your personal information to support customers.

C. Guest Reviews: We may use your contact information to send you an email inviting you to submit a guest review following your visit. This will enable other tourists to select the accommodations that best fit their needs. Your guest review might be posted on our website if you submit one.

D. Marketing Activities: As allowed by law, we also use your data for marketing purposes. We include an unsubscribe link that you can use if you do not want us to send you messages in the future whenever we use your personal data for direct marketing purposes (such as sending commercial newsletters, marketing communications about new products and services, or other offers we believe may be of interest to you).

E. Other Communications: Depending on the contact information you supply with us, we could occasionally contact you by email, mail, phone, or text message. There may be several causes for this:

i. It's possible that we'll have to attend to demands you've made.

ii. If you haven't completed a reservation online, we might send you an email to remind you to do so. We think you'll find this extra service helpful because it lets you proceed with a reservation without having to look for the lodging again or start from the beginning with all the reservation information.

iii. After you utilize our services, we might send you a survey or ask you to write a testimonial regarding your interaction with our website. We think that adding this service will benefit both you and us because it will allow us to tweak our website depending on your input.

F. Analytics, Improvements, and Research: For our research and analysis, we use personal data. We might ask a third party to carry out this task for us. The findings of such research may be shared or disclosed in anonymous, aggregate form, including to third parties. Your personal information is used by us for analytical purposes to better our offerings, the user experience, and the functionality and standard of our online travel services.

G. Security, Fraud Detection, and Prevention: We use the data, which may include personal information, to stop fraud and other wrongful or unlawful behaviors. We also utilize this data to look into and find fraud. Personal information may be used by us for security and risk analysis, including user authentication. Personal information may be disclosed to third parties for these reasons, including external advisers and law enforcement officials as permitted by applicable legislation.

H. Legal and Compliance: In some circumstances, it may be necessary for us to use the provided information—which may include personal data—to handle and resolve legal disputes or complaints, for regulatory investigations and compliance, to enforce agreement(s), or to do other things as may be required by law.

I. We shall take appropriate precautions to protect your rights and freedoms, including the right to request human involvement, whenever we employ automated means to process personal data that has legal repercussions for you or significantly affects you.


The overseas transfers of personal data to nations with less stringent data protection regulations than those found in the European Union may be included in the transmission of personal data as specified in this privacy statement. We will only send personal data to recipients who provide a sufficient level of data protection, as required by European legislation. We establish contractual agreements in these circumstances to guarantee that your personal data is still protected in accordance with European regulations. By contacting us at the numbers listed below, you can request a copy of these provisions.


In order to avoid unauthorized access to and misuse of information, including personal data, Australia Hotel Booking follows reasonable measures. Information, including personal data, is protected and safeguarded using the proper corporate systems and procedures. For accessing and utilizing the personal data on our systems, we additionally employ security protocols as well as technical and physical limitations. In the course of their jobs, only authorized staff are allowed access to personal information.


This Privacy Statement could alter occasionally, just like our business does, which changes on a regular basis. We urge you to consult this Privacy Statement to view any updates that have been made if you'd want to keep up with them. We will notify you in advance of making any significant modifications or changes that will have an impact on you (such as when we begin using your personal data for purposes other than those mentioned above).